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Your profile is your public presence within the Animation Mentor campus, and how your mentor and fellow class mates begin to know more about you.

To edit any item, mouse-over the desired area and click the pencil icon.

Here's a run down of the major areas:


1. Profile Image - Add an image of yourself so people can get an idea of who you are. 

2. Demo Reel - if you have a demo reel you can post it here via a YouTube or Vimeo link. 

3. Cover image - this is what is displayed on your Campus > People info card. It can be something that represents your work, or a favorite photo you've taken. This helps to get your personality out there and to catch people's attention. 

4. Details - update your location, tagline, and skills as desired.

5. About - Your About page is where you can put more information about yourself and what brought you to this point. Start with why you got into animation and/or art. 

At a minimum: Update your Avatar (1), Cover Image (3), and About page (5).




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