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Our new student campus is going live! For a period of time some content will still be accessed via the old student site. This article will help you find what you need.


New Student Campus:

The new student campus will contain the majority of your course content, and is where you'll interact with your mentor, classmates, and the rest of the community. The new campus contains:

  • Animation Mentor video news.
  • Tool and software downloads, including AMP.
  • Assignment Submission and eCritiques.
  • Course content, including lectures, syllabus information, and assignment details.
  • Community posting and peer feedback.
  • Messaging and notifications, including messages from your mentor with a link to your live Q&A.
  • Lecture Archives for Alumni
  • Supplemental resources, Maya Demos, and Ask @ Animation Mentor Archives


Old Student Site:

The student site only contains the rig downloads for post-AMP alumni, or if AMP is not working for you. This content will be migrated in the coming months. 

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