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What is the typical weekly schedule for a student?

Lectures are posted on Sundays each week. You can watch the lecture at any point from then until the end of the term. You are required to attend 1 one-hour Q&A session each week. We offer Q&A’s on a variety of days and times to accommodate a wide range of time zones and personal schedules. Homework is due on Sundays at 12pm Noon Pacific Time. Your mentor will review your assignment the following week in a recorded eCritique™.

Here is a sample plan for one week as an Animation Mentor student:


  • Review your assignment and make any last adjustments before turning it in
  • Upload your homework by 12pm Noon Pacific Time
  • Comment on fellow students’ newly posted work on the Animation Mentor Campus
  • Watch the new lecture for the week and check out the new homework assignment, including any new rigs and assets for the assignment


  • Start planning the week’s assignment


  • Watch your recorded eCritique for the week and take notes
  • Work on the homework assignment a little bit each night
  • Attend your weekly Q&A session with your mentor
  • Attend any supplemental Q&A’s, if possible


  • Focus on the homework assignment; try to get it close to finished


  • Finish the homework assignment or as close to finished as you can get so you only have minor edits to do on Sunday
  • Take a break! You worked hard this week
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