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What makes Animation Mentor better than other schools?

  • Our mentors are working animation experts, true professionals who utilize modern skills and techniques to bring life to the most important films and games in the world. At Animation Mentor, they will teach you what they have spent years perfecting - how to be successful in the real world of studio production.

  • Animation Mentor is the only school in the world where students can learn what it’s like to work at a studio, by using AMP™, a full-featured, proprietary, production pipeline. Learning with AMP means that Animation Mentor students have a real-world experience collaborating on productions, just like the professionals do.

  • Animation Mentor offers a variety of additional resources to help you succeed, including our Peer Buddy program, supplemental lectures, and question and answer sessions with professionals working on today’s blockbusters.

  • Animation Mentor is not just a school, it’s a community. Our student and alumni network is a global network of people just as excited about animation as you are. We are exceptionally supportive of one another and often meet to work on homework, chat about animation, discuss the state of the industry, etc.





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