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Submitting your Assignments

When submitting assignments for your course, always make sure to follow these important steps:

Read the Assignment Guidelines

Read through the Syllabus and/or the Assignment Page first to verify what you must submit for that week. Also know that your mentor may give you additional assignments or notes for you to address on top of what is listed in the syllabus.

Playblast from Maya

When you are ready to playblast your animation assignment from Maya, ensure that you are following the required Playblast Settings in Maya. Playblasting creates a video file from your Maya animation.

Encode your Playblast

Once you have playblasted your assignment, always encode the video file to follow the Required Uploading Procecure (RUP) guidelines. This ensures that the video plays properly on the AM Student site.

Submit your Assignment

With your files ready to submit, go to course feed or tasks page and submit your assignment there. For more detailed instructions on how to submit assignments, check out our orientation page here: 

To make sure your assignments have uploaded properly, it's a good idea to get into the habit of always checking your new post after you've submitted your work. This will help you avoid running into issues where the file may have uploaded improperly, or not at all.


  • DEADLINES for your weekly assignments are on Sunday at 12pm PST.
  • DO NOT submit to a previous week’s assignment to update your animation. Any revisions would be included in the current assignment
  • ALWAYS give yourself at least 30 minutes BEFORE the deadline to submit your assignment. It is up to you as a responsible student to ensure that you submit on time. If you submit too close to the deadline and end up missing the deadline your assignment will be marked as incomplete. (If you opened the submit page BEFORE the deadline, but waited until AFTER the deadline to submit, there will be no warning message as the page was loaded before the deadline.
  • ALWAYS check your assignment after submitting and do so BEFORE the deadline. Just because a file shows that it has been submitted DOES NOT mean necessarily that it will play properly on the site. If you submit your work and find out AFTER the deadline that it does not play properly, you will need to resubmit it and your work will be considered late. Assignments that do not play or open properly will be graded as an F by your mentor.
  • IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a student to submit your work on time, to verify that it plays properly, and to accept the penalties of submitting too close to the deadline or not verifying your submissions.
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