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How do I register for class?

Registration is available online via the Registration Portal. You must have an account to register for a class. Registration for Program classes opens 9-10 weeks prior to the term starting and closes 2-3 weeks prior to the term starting. Registration for workshop classes is ongoing.

To register for class, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Registration Portal ( using your AM account name and password.

2. Click on the "Courses" tab to see the list of available academic programs and class sections. If there are no sections currently listed under your preferred program, that means that registration is not currently open for that program. Please check the Academic Calendar to find out when registration will be open next.

3. Click on the orange "Details" button to show more information about the class sections.

4. Add your preferred section to your cart. Please Note: if a section says "SOLD OUT" that means that all the seats in that section have been reserved by other students. You can only register for a class section that has seats available.

5. To secure your seat, you must go through the Check Out process. (Simply placing a class in your Shopping Cart DOES NOT reserve that class section for you.) Click on your shopping cart and select the "Check Out" button. Follow the onscreen prompts to submit your payment via credit or debit card.


  • YOUR CLASS IS NOT SECURE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL! If you do not receive this email after going through the Check Out process, then your seat is not secure.
  • For Program classes (i.e. AN01) you must submit no less than the $500 deposit to register for your class UNLESS you have been pre-approved to have the Pay Later option. Pay Later students include those paying by Student Loan, Check, Wire Transfer, or other specially approved arrangements. Please Submit a Request on the Support Center if you need this option enabled on your account.
  • For the Maya Workshop classes, you must submit your payment in full at the time of registration.



When you are registering for class on the Registration Portal, you will only need to register for the next class in your Program (ie: if you are currently in AN01, you will only need to register for AN02). You should not register for more than one class during registration.


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