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Do you offer scholarships?

Animation Mentor does not offer scholarships at this time, however, we are partnered with the ACME Network who provides scholarships to selected students for our Maya Workshop: Animation Basics. Please see more about the partnership here.

The following are a list of scholarships our students located within the United States have won in the past.  If you plan on applying for any of these awards, it is important to check directly with the provider for information on eligibility, award amounts and submission dates.

  • CSATTF Grant‐ This is a reimbursement grant, meaning that Students need to pay for each class in full by the payment due date. Upon completion of the class students will receive a 2/3’s reimbursement for each class that they are approved for the grant. In order to qualify, students must have been members of The Animation Guilds local 839 in the past 2 years for at least 30 days. More information and the application to apply can be found here:‐classes/#amentor
  • I Don’t Want to Pay For College‐ Scholarship offered by Cappex. The award amount is for $1000. This is one of five scholarships listed on their site:

You can also do a search for scholarships here and at - just be aware that many scholarships are for four year universities.  We encourage you to conduct your own scholarship searches. If you know of a scholarship in particular that you are interested in applying for please send us the scholarship name and link by filling out a student inquiry form before applying to see if the funds can be applied to our program.

We are also able to accept student loans. You can find out more about student loans on our website here:

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