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What will I be able to access if I withdraw from class or take a break in between terms?

Rigs and AMP
You will still have access to the rigs you used in class and AMP as long as you completed and passed the term. If you withdraw in the middle of a class, you do not maintain access to those rigs and AMP once the term ends.

You will still maintain access to the Animation Mentor tools and Maya when not in class.

Student Site
You will still have an active and usable account on the Student Site and will maintain access to your profile and feed, as well as your peers’ profiles and feeds. You will also be able to stay up to date on all the happenings at Animation Mentor as you will still be receiving all the latest news item and video news item postings.

If you take a break between classes and passed your previous class, you will have access to that class's lectures in the Lecture Archive. Otherwise, you will have access to all other completed class lectures.

NOTE: We highly encourage you to Volunteer as a Peer Buddy between terms to stay engaged in animation while on break and to continue to grow and learn. You are able to Volunteer during the first week of the term. Please see Peer Buddy Volunteer news item on the AM Campus' News Page for more information in Week 1.

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