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Google Hangout Guidelines

You will use Google Hangouts for your Q&As with your mentors. Please follow these guidelines to setup and use Google Hangouts:



  • There is no “primary host” of a Hangout. As such, students should click the mentor’s webcam/avatar below to lock it in the large viewing area
  • All users’ webcams can be seen simultaneously which can cause confusion while the mentor is teaching.
  • To save on bandwidth, we recommend students turn off their webcams and mute their microphones by clicking the icons at the top of the hangout while the mentor is talking.
  • If a student has a question, they should turn on their webcam so the mentor sees them and then calls upon them. While this is our recommendation, your mentor may request a different form of asking questions.


  • Users can lower their bandwidth settings by clicking the hangout settings at the top of the hangout window
  • By default, the chat window is turned off. You can view it by hovering over the left side of the Hangout and clicking the chat icon.
  • The chat window is session based, so if you refresh your browser or leave the Hangout you will not see the previous chat entries when you return.
  • Clicking some of the screensharing icons on the left will cause all users to see your feed. This can be very distracting if the mentor is currently teaching and we strongly recommend you do not touch these during your class
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