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Class Guidelines

You will use the Zoom tool for your Q&As with your mentors. Please follow these guidelines to setup and use Zoom:

Zoom Class Tool

Class Behavior

  • Be punctual and try to attend your class at least a few minutes prior to the start time. This will help avoid your mentor having to wait for students to file in so they can start the class.

  • Prepare any questions you may have ahead of time so that if your mentor wants to know if you have questions, you can easily ask them.

  • Always make sure to turn off your webcam and mic in the classroom to help avoid background noise and interrupting your mentor during class, unless your mentor requests otherwise.

  • If a student has a question, they should turn on their webcam so the mentor sees them and then calls upon them. While this is our recommendation, your mentor may request a different form of asking questions such at typing it in the class chat.

  • Ensure you have a pen and paper or notepad document ready for taking notes. These are live classes and are not recorded, so taking notes is an important aspect of the class.

  • Recording of the classes are against school policy. This is both due to legal restrictions and to help protect and ensure that mentors are able to speak freely about their work or personal projects without having the worry of being recorded. Consider your class as a live classroom environment like you would have in a brick and mortar school.
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