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How is My Assignment Graded?

Each student will be graded on specific criteria for each assignment.

You will see each section broken out into individual categories (Sketchbook, Video Reference, Assignment, etc.) Each category is weighted differently in each assignment. For example, in some assignments the “Sketchbook” submission would not have the same weight as the actual video in the “Assignment” slot. Credits for each individual category are totaled to give you a grade for the assignment that week.

The Mentor is able to then adjust the grade to make it as accurate as possible. This means that the numerical values do not reflect what grade you may receive for the assignment. This final modification is up to the discretion of the Mentor. The final grade is then calculated based on the weight of each week’s assignment to give you the grade for the term. Any term specific differences in grading will be noted in the class syllabus.

Your mentor is grading you on what it takes to succeed as a professional in the industry as well as what it takes to move on in our program.

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