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Animation Mentor announces partnership with the ACME Network

Animation Mentor and The ACME Network are proud to announce a partnership to provide animation scholarships to young and talented animators. Both organizations have committed to working together to give back and bring ongoing education opportunities to young people across the U.S.

The partnership will offer scholarships to Animation Mentor’s Maya Workshop: Animation Basics course. This six-week workshop was designed by industry professionals to introduce beginning animators to Autodesk Maya software and teach them to use the specific tools used in character animation. Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding ACME students on the basis of their work, their participation as “peer mentors”, and the recommendations of both their classroom instructors and ACME.

Alumni from the Animation Mentor program will be offering commentary and constructive criticism to members of The ACME Network. These working professional animators will visit The ACME Network’s online campus weekly to share their perspectives, insights and advice as well as build meaningful mentoring relationships with members of the ACME community.

How can I participate if I'm an Acme student?

To participate, you will need to get an instructor recommendation.

Do the student’s “Pay-It-Forward” program on
Upload 5 pieces of work
Give feedback to 15 students
Contact your instructor for more information

How can I participate if I'm an Animation Mentor alumni?

Submit a Student Inquiry ticket to let Student Services know you are interested in volunteering to provide feedback to ACME students.

More details:

Press Release
Acme Network Website

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