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What can I expect on the first day of class?

On the first day of class, you will automatically be given full access to Animation Mentor. With so many new options available you may not know where to start! So here are our suggestions on what to do on the first day of class to get the most out of your Animation Mentor experience:

  • Watch all of the videos in the “Orientation” section to learn about the different areas of the site and receive tips for your time at Animation Mentor. These videos are also available prior to the first day of class.
  • Watch your first lecture! This lecture will introduce you to Animation Mentor and will undoubtedly build your excitement for animation even more! Don’t forget to take notes!
  • Update your profile in the “Settings” area under your profile so your peers can learn more about you. You can also do this on the Orientation site prior to the first day of class. Don't forget to update your time zone setting as well!
  • Open your Calendar to see when your Q&A begins. If you updated your time zone correctly it will show the Q&A time in your local time.
  • Read the Class Guidelines and follow the instructions and tutorials to become familiar with the Zoom tool.
  • Visit your class using the “Classroom” link. From here, you can send a message to your class introducing yourself and share your excitement with your classmates and mentor! View the profiles and video journals of each of them to learn more about your fellow classmates with whom you will spend the next 12 weeks studying animation!
  • Read the Newsletter archives. The “Newsletter Archives” link has an archive of over seven years worth of industry advice, tips, and student profiles. The articles found here are extremely informative and will help you become the best animator you can be!
  • Learn more about the Maya animation tools and how to use them effectively by watching the Maya training videos!
  • View the "Academic Programs" section to learn about various discounts on products and programs. (If you have not downloaded a copy of Maya, find instructions to do so here)
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