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How do I sign up for a payment plan?

Animation Mentor offers interest-free payment plans. Payment Plans allow students to distribute the $2,499 USD tuition into flexible payments throughout the school term. 

  • A $500 payment is required to save your seat, and you can then select from several plans to split your remaining balance over several months.
  • Payment plans are drawn up on a term by term basis, and require you to request a new plan each term.
  • Payment plans are also available for repeat pricing. Please let us know if you plan to take advantage of this price option.

How to Request a Payment Plan

  1. Register for Your Course
    Choose a mentor and a time that fits your schedule and pay $500 to save your seat.
  2. Select a Payment Plan
    Once you’ve registered for your course, select a payment plan.
  3. Pay on the 5th of Each Month
    Installments are due on the 5th of the month.
Late payments will be subject to lockout, and you may not be eligible a payment plan in the future. Please be sure to submit payments early, as they need to be received rather than submitted by the deadlines. Wire transfers and checks extra time to be sent and processed.
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