Animation Mentor Support Center

How to use the Support Center

The Support Center consists of two tools: the Knowledge Base, and the Request Center. You are currently using the Knowledge Base to read this article, and the Request Center allows you to submit a request for assistance. We highly recommend searching the Knowledge Base thoroughly using the search bar before submitting a request as frequently an article exists which can resolve your issue.

Signing into the Support Center

By signing in, you can see student-specific articles in the Knowledge Base and easily track your requests in the Request Center. If you accessed the Support Center from the student site then you are likely already signed in; you can verify this by verifying your name is listed in the top right of the page. If you are not signed in then click  the "Sign In" button and enter your e-mail and password for the Animation Mentor student site.

If you are not a student at Animation Mentor and do not have an account then you can still use the Knowledge Base and Request Center. When creating a request you will include an e-mail address. When the request is updated you will receive an e-mail and you can reply to the e-mail to update the request if further action is needed.

Using the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base has three categories: School Information, Technical Support, and General Information. Within these categories are sections and articles on various topics. While you can manually search for the article that best matches your issue, we highly recommend you use the search bar at the top of the page instead. Type the phrase or keywords which best represent your question and multiple articles will appear once you submit. If you are unable to find an article this way then you should submit a request to the Request Center

Submitting a Request

Once you have signed in, click the Submit a Request button and select the appropriate form for your question or support need. Directing your request to the appropriate category will ensure the fastest response time from AM staff.

  • General Inquiry – for users interested in learning more about Animation Mentor
  • Student Inquiry – for questions relating to current students and alumni, i.e. requesting transcripts or proof of enrollment, career services, financing, registration, events, etc.
  • Change of Section – to request to be switched from one section to another section
  • Withdraw from Class Request – to request to be withdrawn from your current class or your next term’s registration
  • Refund Request - to request returning of funds following withdrawal from class
  • Student Site and Technical Support – for any questions by current students relating to the AM campus, i.e. assignment upload issues, eCritique™ issues, etc.
  • AMP Pipeline Support for assistance with AMP™
  • AM Rigs & Tools Support – for assistance with AM menu or AM rigs
  • Software Support – for assistance with Nuke, Arnold or Maya(students only)
  • Mentor Support - if you are an existing AM mentor looking for help

If the form has supplemental questions, such as Topic, Operating System, Browser, etc. you must fill out these fields to direct your request to the appropriate support staff member and to ensure that we have enough information to correctly answer your question!

To help illustrate your issue for quicker resolution, we recommend you attach a Screenshot demonstrate your technical issue.

Once you have filled out the request form, click the Submit button. Your request will be sent to AM staff and you will receive an email confirmation once your ticket has been received by the ticketing system. If needed, you will be able to update your ticket via email or via the My Activities menu.

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