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How to Suggest an Article to add to the Knowledge Base

If you have a question or technical issue and the solution is not listed in the Knowledge Base then you should send us a suggestion so we can add it! To do this, click the "Submit a Request" button at the top of this page (or at the bottom of this article), then choose the "Suggest an Article" form. 

In the subject describe what you think the title should be (how would you search for it if you were looking in the Knowledge Base) and then in the description box describe what the article is and why you think it would be valuable to add it! Finally choose the "Article Topic" which best fits the subject of the article:

  • School Information: for questions about the school, curriculum,  and policies
  • Technical Support: issues with rigs, software, or the Animation Mentor student site
  • General Information: questions about events, the support center, and pretty much anything else which doesn't fit in the above categories

Finally, click "Submit" to send the suggestion!

Once you have submitted the suggestion it will be logged in our article suggestion database. You may receive a direct reply from an agent regarding the article if we have further questions, but otherwise the article will be automatically closed once it is added to our article suggestion list.  We will review every suggestion and add the ones that we feel best fits the Knowledge Base. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, so check the Knowledge Base every so often to see if the article is added!

Important: do not submit requests which you need an active resolution to the "Suggest and Article" form. Instead, send a request using the appropriate form in order to receive a resolution from an agent. After your request is resolved you can send a Suggest an Article request so we can add the answer to the Knowledge Base!

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