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How to use Save+

IMPORTANT: The Save+ Feature is a beta tool in Maya 2015 so you may experience bugs. If you do we recommend simply saving your work and checking your files back into AMP manually. 

The Save+ option allows you to quickly save a version of your scene to your computer and the AMP Pipeline. When used, it runs the "Save" command in Maya (saving to your computer), checks-in the same saved file to AMP Pipeline, and checks-out the file again so you can continue to work on it. All of this happens in the background so you can continue to work on the file without interruption. This ensures that the most up-to-date version of the your Maya file exists on both your machine and the pipeline.

To use the Save+ option:

  1. In the AMP Content Navigator, check-out your Maya file
  2. Work on your file as usual until you wish to save
  3. Choose the "Mentor" menu option in Maya
  4. Click on "Save+" or press Ctrl + Shift + S
  5. The Save+ options will appear. This allows you to specify a comment and change the Status of the shot to Blocking/Polish, etc. These notes appear in the history of the file on the AMP Pipeline.
  6. Uncheck the "Always ask for comments" box if you do not want it to appear each time you save. You can access the options again by clicking the box to the right of the Save+ option in the menu
  7. If using the Student copy of Maya, you may have to select "Okay" to close the Student notification
  8. The Save process happens in the background, you can continue to work on your file while this happens. Note: You will not be able to save again until the file completes the check-in process. If your file is large this could take a couple of minutes.
  9. You can view the updated version number in AMP by clicking the "Refresh" button. Right-click and select "History" to see the comment.
  10. At the end of your work session, make sure you check-in your file one final time. If you are working on a collaborative project, other users will not be able to access the file if it remains checked-out.
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