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Resetting Maya Preferences

Resetting the Maya preferences is a common solution to most technical problems with Maya, whether it be hotkeys not working properly, view ports malfunctioning, or even the program failing to load. This reverts Maya back to its factory settings, which will solve most problems, or if the problem continues, serve as a way to narrow down the cause.

To reset the Maya preferences, first close off Maya and then locate the prefs folder which should be located in

"\Users\<username>\Documents\maya\<maya version number>" on a PC or

"/Users/<username>Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/<maya version number>" on a Mac. (Mac systems have tendency of hiding this folder so if you can't find it, we would recommend doing a google search on how to show hidden files / folders on Mac)

Next you just need to rename the “prefs” folder to anything you’d like. For example, you could rename it to “prefs_backup”. Now once you restart Maya, as there is no folder named prefs, Maya will create a new default one with all the settings reset to the factory default.

If this hasn’t fixed the issue you’re encountering, then you can set Maya back to the way you had it by deleting the newly created prefs folder and renaming the old one back to “prefs”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Resetting your preferences will reset your Maya animation settings. After resetting your preferences you will need to go into your preferences (Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences) and make the following changes:

  • Under Settings, set the Time option to "Film (24 fps)"
  • Under Time Slider, set the Update View option to "All" and set Playback Speed to "Real-time [24 fps]"

You will also need to set your playblast settings back to the required AM settings, which you can find here:

Playblasting in Maya

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