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How to transfer animation

If you encounter a situation which requires you to transfer animation, for example copying a pose or segment of animation from one scene to another, transferring all the animation from a broken rig to a new rig, from a corrupted scene to a new scene, or from one character rig to another entirely different character, a good way to do it is using Maya's built in ATOM tool.

You can find the ATOM tool in Maya 2013 to 2015 in the Animation menu set under “Animate > ATOM”, and in Maya 2016 under “File > ATOM”.

The first step to transferring your animation is to Export your original animation in order to use it later on. You can find the process here:

Export .atom animation

Once you have your original animation exported, you can now Import it onto a new rig or into a new scene by following these steps.

Import .atom animation

If you'd like a video demonstration on this process, you can find one below:

ATOM (Animation Transfer Object Model)

For more information on the specific settings of the ATOM tool, you can find explanations on the Maya Help website.

Atom Exporter Options

There is also a video tutorial created by Beau Pratt on how to use the ATOM animation transfer tool which you can find below:


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