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How do I download Maya?

To ensure the best learning experience within our curriculum, we recommend that you use Autodesk Maya. All our rigs and demonstrations use Maya.

Maya Access Options:

  1. Existing Licenses: If you already have an existing 1-year (or longer) license from Autodesk for Maya, you can continue using that.

  2. Educational Licenses: You may attempt to download a free educational license of Maya from Autodesk via their educational portal. However they have become much more strict over the last few years. They seem to change their policies frequently though, so it can be worth giving a shot.

  3. Maya Indie License: Recommended for Alumni: Autodesk now offers an indie license for Maya for $265/year. A full year of unrestricted access, and don't have to compete for a license at any given time.

  4. Maya Trial: In a pinch, you can get the 30 day trial to the full version of Maya 2020

  5. Animation Mentor License Server: We offer a license server for Maya that students can access. There are some trade-offs and restrictions from Autodesk that we are required to follow.
    • The license server is only available for students enrolled in the current term. Autodesk does not allow us to provide access to students on break, or to alumni
    • Students must request and renew their license at the start of each term


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