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What do I do when I need to turn in an assignment late?

If you know in advance that you will have to turn in an assignment late for a graded program class (due to a vacation or illness), you should contact your mentor and let the mentor know when to expect your assignment within the following guidelines:

  • If an assignment will be turned in after the Sunday noon deadline but prior to Tuesday 11:59PM, you will receive a grade and an eCritique, but will be docked a letter grade by the late penalty
  • If you turn in the assignment later than Tuesday 11:59PM, you will receive a grade with a late penalty and no eCritique
  • You have until the next Sunday at 11:59AM to turn in that previous week’s assignment or your grade will automatically become an F for that week

If you know in advance you will be missing an assignment deadline, you do have the option to turn assignments in early. Also, should you encounter technical issues when submitting your assignment, please alert Technical Support by submitting a Technical Support Request.

Should you have an issue that you cannot communicate in advance and resolve, you must communicate with Student Services via Support Request as soon as possible. Extensions in these cases are rare, but special exceptions are granted on a case by case basis. You should also alert your mentor as soon as possible to inform your mentor of the situation. Requests dated more than a week past the assignment deadline may not be considered.

Please note: Assignments cannot be turned in late past the Week 11 assignment deadline.

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