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What resources are available to me if I'm not 18 yet?

Students must be 18 years or older upon the first day of class to attend our Animation Courses. Student must be 14 years or older upon the first day of class to attend our Maya Workshop: Animation Basics.

If you have not yet reached the minimum age requirements, check out some helpful resources below:

*Read the Animator's Survival Kit and Illusion of Life - Both are books used in our courses and a fantastic resource for both aspiring and current animators.

*Take Figure drawing classes - If there are any workshops in your area through local schools or museums that offer figure drawing, these can be a great start to understanding the human body's structure. You can also find many figure drawing resources online, though they aren't quite as good as the real thing.

*Bring a Sketchbook to the zoo, coffee shops, etc - anywhere that you can observe people and animals! You should focus on the "line of action" talked about in the books above and try to sketch the "idea" of what you're seeing in 30 seconds or less. Your goal is to try and communicate the motion and flow of a pose, not every detail of the figure.

*Download our free Squirrels Rig and watch the associated controls overview. Our YouTube channel is a great resource in general for free content and tips (Autodesk offers a free 30 day trial of Maya, used in the videos).

*Animation Mentor Blog: Tips and Tricks - This section of our blog contains advice from industry professionals as well as free animation tips.

*Animation Mentor Resources Page - This section of our site contains free resources for aspiring animators

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