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How do I setup the Pose Library?


Pose libraries are useful pose shortcuts to use when animating in Maya. We've provided some eye, hands, and mouth shapes for many of our characters.

We are using the Studio Library plugin for Maya to handle our pose library. Setup requires downloading/installing the plugin, and then downloading our pose library presets.

Installation and Setup:

Studio Library Plugin for Maya:

AM Pose Library:

  • Download the Pose Library for our character rigs.
  • Extract the archive to your desired location, such as your /Documents/ folder.

Library Setup:

  • When you first run the Studio Library setup script you will be prompted to choose a default location for the assets. If you browse to the AM Pose Library folder, it will automatically pull in the poses for our rigs.
  • You can otherwise create a new folder and then copy the individual pose libraries over.

1. Upon first running the python script you should be prompted with the following screen.

2. Name your library, and click the … under Location to browse to the AM Pose Library.

3. You should now have the pose library available for use.

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