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How do I setup the GUI Picker?


GUI Pickers are helpful tools for selecting controls easily and improving workflow. Below you will find the GUI Picker tool as well as GUI Pickers for many of the Animation Mentor character rigs.

We are using the MG-Picker Studio plugin for Maya to handle our GUI Pickers. Setup requires downloading/installing the plugin, and then downloading our GUI Picker presets.

Installation and Setup:

MG-Picker Studio Plugin for Maya:

  • Visit This Link to download the appropriate plugin for your system.

  • Follow the instructions provided in the download to install the plugin

AM GUI Picker Library:

1. Upon first bringing the script into Maya you should be prompted with the following window.

2. Continue through the installation until you reach the following screen and make sure the installer settings match the ones in the image.

3. You have the GUI Picker installed!

Using the GUI Picker:

Follow these steps to get started with the GUI Picker:

  • If the GUI Picker isn’t already open, run it from the red GUI Picker icon in your shelf.

  • Double-click on the GUI Picker panel and browse to your AM GUI Picker Library folder.

  • Select the rig GUI you would like to use and open it.

  • You can resize the GUI Picker to a size you like by using the CTRL+ and CTRL- shortcuts, or CTRL+Mousewheel Up/Down (Command on Macs).

  • IMPORTANT: For the GUI Picker to work, first select a control on the rig through the viewport (NOT the GUI Picker) then hit the "Set Namespace Via Selection" button in the GUI Picker.

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