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Grading Policies and Guidelines

How does Grading Work?

As of January 2018, we are using a rating system

Each week your mentor will give you a rating from 0-5; 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest which is no work submitted.

Your work is due in on Sunday at 12 noon PM PT, if it is not in, your assignment will be marked as "not submitted" and will receive no rating or critique.

Each week's ratings will be stand alone. This will give you a guide to where you are with each assignment

At the end of the term, you mentor will rate you as a Pass/Fail. This is to show if you have mastered the skills needed in the class.   The Pass/Fail is not based on an average of the ratings during the term.

How is My Assignment Rated?

Your mentor is grading you on what it takes to succeed as a professional in the industry as well as what it takes to move on in our program. Each assignment is given a rating based on your animation, ability to follow instructions and other relevant criteria. 


1 – No work submitted

1.5 – Not sufficient for assignment

2 - Guidelines not met and work is lacking in key concepts

2.5 - Guidelines are met, work is below average

3 - Guidelines have been met, work is average

3.5 – Above average

4 – Excellent student level work

4.5 - Professional entry-level work

5 - Professional level work



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