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Rig being clipped or disappearing into camera

If your rig looks like it's being clipped, like you're looking at a cross section of it, or it disappears into the camera, this could be caused by a few things. You tend to see this more with orthographic cameras.

The first thing to try is to move your camera back. Select the camera in the viewport you're having issues with by clicking on the camera icon in the top left of the viewport. Then go to your perspective camera and using the move tool, move the camera you have selected away from the rig.

The other issue could be that the Maya camera is not rendering objects properly. A common solution for this is to go to "Window > Outliner" in Maya, select the camera you would like to fix, then open the attribute editor by pressing ctrl+a. Once in the attribute editor, look for the "Near Clip Plane" and Far Clip Plane attributes. These control how far the Maya camera is able to see in the scene and increasing these values may solve the issue. For example, if the Near Clip Plane is set to 0.001 and the Far Clip Plane to 1000.000, set them the Near Clip to .00001 and the Far Clip to 100000.000 respectively, or play around with a lower/higher number if these specific ones don't work.

A third solution is to create a new camera in the scene to replace the corrupted one. To do this, go to "Create > Cameras > Camera > Options", double check the Orthographic Views depending on if the camera needed is orthographic or not, and hit Create. Once you've created a new camera it's important to set your viewport to use that camera under the viewport's Panel menu.

If neither of these work, creating a new Maya file and importing the shot with the problem cameras into it may also help.

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