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referencing in charecter rigs to Maya-with-AMP

just trying to reach out to all that i can :) so this week ive bn working on my tail , & now finished the sketch planning on ballie walk and the stew poses, and i'm to the stage of animating it all in maya and so i went to refernce in the file (in MAYA with amp, then into the AMP content navigator) after following video tutorial steps I was met with "errors".... so i submitted a ticket to tech, and wrote my mentor, but just to have you ALL in my world too ---> in trying to "get" my assets for ballie, but i only see bird-ball & monster-ball listed under "charecters... normally i just downlaod from the site, then uplaod the rig into regular issue,  but in my new Maya-w-AMP i must reference in .. so im following step by step with the set up tutorial, --->so, i tried to reference in the options (moster ball & bird ball).. clicked on check out, then "get" and it downlowned but it said "with errors", i clicked get dependancies and it completed the task but again, up popped red "errors",  so, each of my steps has red errors that the tutorial video doesn't have happen.. i don't know what to do .. when i ignore them and continue through the steps, neither file comes up in maya .. ..actually, the only file i've successfully managed to reference into Maya with AMP so far is just the squirel rig, and that was really all thanks to the help tech-guru-Justin, .. ths week i am trying, but cant seem to. the red errors say things like " ERROR: Skipping ' / .l' can't understand path"  or   "ERROR: 'Skipping /FK', cant understand path..."   or   " "***ERROR:complete with errors**** " ---it's all in bright red text


oh also, a box popped up while doing the steps called :  "arigCodeXaosUser" it asks for my user id and password for, but i dont recall this box popping up when i brought in the squirel with justin, it's not mentioned in the tutorial.. is this normal? should i try to sign in & click "submit" in that box or just hit cancel? ....  anyway thank you all for all your time & any help :/

Jen Bonny Callen Breed

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