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Installer for AM menu for Mac?

Hello, I can't seem to install the AM Menu.  I've downloaded it multiple times, but it's only providing the instructions and the .bundle.  Where can I find the actual installer?  Or has the school gotten away from it?

I have uninstalled/reinstalled Maya, and have updated the arXaosSource.bundle numerous times.  Maya is stating my ID/PW is correct, but the tools and the characters are not able to be used.

Currently I can only open Stewart.  All other characters are flat.

I can't wait to go back to Windows, this has happened numerous times with Apple.  Thank you for your help as always.

Patrick Mayes

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The installer is not currently being used by AM. I would suggest getting the latest .bundle file from the company that makes the plugin for AM.

Be sure to follow the installation instructions precisely for it to work properly. You may have to restart Maya after the install and possibly even hit update in the Xaos menu to get it fully working. 

Good luck!

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