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Image Plane source

Hey guys,

I'm working on my first assignment in VFX class.
We have to import an image plane to the camera. Now the reference image is in AMP.

I've updated it from AMP, but how do I write the source file URL? I'm calling the image from the source folder that is created in my machine from AMP, but would that pathname be the same when I check the file out?


Leart Zogjani

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Hey Leart,

I believe what you can do is import the image plane as you normally would in Maya, picking the image plane file from your computer where AMP saved it.

Afterwards, to get the path to read properly so that anyone can open the file without having to relink the image plane, save and close your scene.

Then go into AMP, right click on your project file, and choose "Fix Paths". That will version up your scene for you and it should go through your shot and update any paths so they link directly through AMP instead of through your local machine.

I haven't tried this myself yet as my VF01 folders haven't been created yet, but this method did work for me on a previous assignment.

Beau Pratt 1 vote
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Yep... It worked!
The same explanation is given in the AMP Quickstart tuts when adding new files to AMP, but it didn't work the first time I did it. Maybe cause my file was still opened.


Leart Zogjani 0 votes
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