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AMP Quick Tips

Here's a list of common mistakes that I noticed a lot of people forgetting to do while I was a mentor assistant. Most of these are found in the AMP orientation guide and once you get in the habit these things really become second nature.

  • when your done working on your shot for the day, check in your file (green check mark = checked in)
  • save your files using lower case letters
  • read your class syllabus every week so that you know which container you should be saving your files into each week and following the naming structure
  • if you're missing textures right click on the characters .ma file in AMP and select get dependencies
  • ALWAYS reference in your characters, props, sets, etc...
  • if you have a question or are stumped on something refer back to the orientation guide, because it's most likely covered there with a video walking you through the process.

Feel free to add to this list :)

Nicole Moellner

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