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I am not that familiar with rendering and playblasts always have fairly low quality.

I have noticed that the make daily option is an improvement over playblasts while still being simple and easy to use with no long render times.

I tried using the make daily tool for some of my own personal animations, by dropping them into my "locker" in the pipeline, and then making daily.

When I bring them into premiere to compile into a reel, not a final reel of course, I will go through and render them out proper, but a test reel for timing and placement.

Anyways when I do this the top and bottom of the video are jittery, the middle is file, but like the very top and bottom row of pixels are jittery.

Is this a security measure like the floating numbers in all of the lecture videos?

Does make daily optimize it for the website only and anywhere else it sabotages it?

Or have I messed up some settings somewhere?


Michael DeGar

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Hi Michael,

Regarding the jittery top and bottom of the video, AM doesn't include any security measures with the Make Daily tool which would mean that the jittery video is possibly coming from somewhere else. Have you tried opening the playblasts outside of Premiere to see if the problem still happens? If it does the I would guess the issue is with Maya, however if the issue only happens when opening the files in Premiere, then it could be a codec issue of some kind.

The Make Daily tool is basically an advanced playblasting tool which will create a playblast then encode it to the h.264 format to be uploaded to the AM site. This format is one of the most popular video formats for low size and good quality, which is why AM uses it, and should also work with almost all programs and websites, such as Youtube, without any issues.

If the jittery problem is happening in any program, then I would recommend double checking your playblast settings to make sure they are set correctly. Here is an article which shows the recommend settings for AM

If you are playblasting files to use in a compositing program such as Premiere, I would recommend not using the Make Daily tool as you should be able to get better quality files from regular playblasting as they aren't compressed. You could also increase the playblast size from 720x405 to something like 1280x720 which would give you a better quality playblast. Then in Premiere you can scale the file back down to 720x405 which should still keep more details than before.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions or issues on this, just let me know.

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