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what is AMP exactly?

hello, I am Sarah (first Class, ANimation Basics starting in January). I installed the AMP plugin. But I am a little confused right now. What I am going to use this AMP plugin for?

Thank u

Sarah Padoan

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Hi Sarah,

The AMP tool is a pipeline tool which you will use to access all the files you will need for your assignments, such rigs, props, and sets.

It is also used to store all your work files, backing them up on the AM servers. These backups are invaluable if anything happens to your computer, such as a hard drive failure, or if you have to switch computers, as you can easily retrieve all the files you need and will never lose the work.

Finally the AMP tool also helps to prepare you to work in a studio environment. Most studios will use one type of pipeline tool or another and getting a head start on that now will only make things easier for you later on.

I hope this helps clear things up. If you ever have any questions, feel free to message me anytime through the AM website. Also, welcome to AM and best of luck!

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